artist’s statement

Every horse is different. The perfect mix of strength and fragility. They can notice the smallest thing and choose to run or choose to stay in frame. They can move toward you with confidence or fly away with fear.

So much can be lost in the connection of human-to camera-to lens-to subject, yet so much can be captured at the moment of the shutter click. Having photographed people for over 17 years, capturing human emotion was instinctive. I was re-awakened to my emotional connection to photography while working with horses. Unlike people, horses respond to your instincts and hidden emotion — creating a magical horse/human dance.

My challenge is to capture those special moments, those fleeting revelations that reveal the true nature and essence of a horse in place and time. In order to capture such a mysterious creature, unbridled, without restraints, the connection needs to be on an instinctive and emotional level.

Every curve of a horse is elegant. Their emotion is inferred and they rarely make an awkward movement. Their eyes give us a sense of their character. Their ears give us a sense of their reactions and intentions. Their lips give us a sense of their thoughts. Their hoofs — as sturdy as the foundation of a house but very graceful at the same time — give us their reaction.

I let it unfold and observe the story that each horse tells.

Profits from online sales and commissioned art are distributed to these organizations:

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